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21 Intriguing Framing Jobs

If it’s important to you, we’ll find a way to memorialize it for display.  Here’s a list of some of our favorite framing jobs over the years:

  1. Lock of hair from French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
  2. Complete set of Gold, Silver & Bronze medals from the 1960 Rome Olympics
  3. Handwritten letter from Abraham Lincoln
  4. Iron prisoner shackles from Alcatraz
  5. Original oil paintings from Indiana-native impressionist painter T.C. Steele
  6. Stage-used guitar from rock band Kiss
  7. 1st printed edition of the Declaration of Independence
  8. Official jersey of Jordan Hulls, Indiana’s ‘Mr. Basketball’ in 2009, and Rex Grossman, Indiana’s Mr. Football in 1999
  9. Handwritten letter & envelope from JFK to campaign volunteer
  10. Antique wedding dress from 1908
  11. Olympic torch from the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta
  12. World War II Purple Heart medal and signed certificate from Secretary of War
  13. ‘Best of Show’ ribbons from 2009 Westminster Dog Show winner, ‘Stumpf’
  14. Baby’s 1st Picture via Ultrasound
  15. Game-worn & signed Ben Roethlisberger jersey from the 2005 NFL AFC Championship Game
  16. 32-Star United States flag from 1858
  17. IU Graduate Ben Overton’s PGA-worn Golf glove
  18. Peruvian Alpaca rug
  19. Confederate money, war uniform, bullets & musket balls from the Civil War
  20. Original 1st edition of Barbie from 1959
  21. US Army Air Corp Dress Service from World War II